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About Bristol

Bristol is located in the south west of England, having a population of around 420,000 it is the largest city in the south West and the eighth largest city in the United Kingdom. Bristol is is county in its own right located between between Somerset and Gloucestershire.

The city is built around the River Avon with a short coastline located on the Severn Estuary which has access into the Bristol Channel.

Bristol is historically a port town with very strong economic links to the sea, the port was originally located in the city centre but was moved to Avonmouth, Royal Portbury Dock is located on the western edge of the city boundary. The former city centre docks have been regenerated as a centre for culture, heritage and resulting tourism.

Bristol is the site of an ancient settlement with archaeological finds dating back 60,000 years and earlier, many Roman remains have been discovered with evidence of major and minor settlements throughout the area

Bristol has approximately 50 grade one listed building as and nearly 4000 grade 2 listed buildings encompassing a wide range of architectural styles from medieval to Bristol Byzantine and on to the 21st Century. Most of the historical architectural styles to be found in the UK can be found in Bristol.

During the second World War, the city experienced heavy bombing and during the Bristol Blitz the area around Wine Street and Castle Street was very badly hit and many architectural treasures such as the Dutch House and St Peter's Hospital where destroyed.

The city has two major League football clubs Bristol City and Bristol Rovers and a number of non-league clubs. Bristol City was formed in 1897. Bristol Rovers was formed in 1883.

The city is home to Bristol Rugby rugby union club and Gloucestershire County Cricket Club. There are several athletics clubs and an annual half marathon is hosted in the city.

The city has two major railway stations and and airport. It is well connected to the country’s motorway network via the M4 and M5. Urban transport is provided by a network of bus routes and a good network of cycle paths.

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