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Tel: 01604639535
28 Poole Street, Northampton, NN1 3EX

Laser Star is a well established business who are highly recommended in the Northampton and surrounding Areas.

Whether you want to Dance all night or Sing along to your favorite tunes they are there to provide the professional service you would expect from a quality outfit, we do this for a living!! it is not a side line!...and we talk to you! yes proper dj's with microphones who actually speak!! so if you want a quality party disco or a combination of party disco with added karaoke for the budding stars out there! it's laser star on 01604 639535 go on give us a ring!! oh by the way, we are fully pat tested for safety and carry public liabillity insurance as well. therefore we are covered to work in any establishment that enforces strict rules on performers and entertainment like hotels and council/gov halls and clubs

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