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Who are we?

The Phonebook Directories Online Limited are the sole and proud owners of the internet rights to and Internet, voice and SMS based directory enquiry services.

We are a privately owned company providing high quality Voice and "Free to use" internet based number search solutions for businesses and the general public searching for businesses in their local area.

We have no association with BT Retail.

The data contained within this site is sourced from a number of suppliers and from our own research.

All business information contained within our site is periodically checked by us to ensure the accuracy of the information that we hold but to expedite this please inform us of any any inaccuracies or omissions.

We continually endeavour to provide a "ground breaking" service, so feel free to bookmark our site in order to take advantage of the fantastic "More than a directory on-line" services that we offer.

Finally we would like to thank you for utilising our services and welcome as much feedback from you, ensuring we fully satisfy your directory needs at all times.

The Phonebook Directories Online Limited

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